Feedback Manager

OpenDash360 Feedback Manager Screenshot

The Feedback Manager allows administrators to get instant feedback on microapplications and widgets that have been deployed to OpenDash360™.

Microapplication Feedback

Regardless of the microapplication that they are viewing, users will find a feedback button floating on the right side of every page in OpenDash360™.

Widget Feedback

When viewing a floating widget or a widget on the customizable dashboard, users will see a “Rate this Widget” icon appear when they hover over the widget container.

Feedback Submission

When users click on the feedback button, they are presented with a star rating system, a text area box and a file upload button. The feedback form is sent to the Feedback Manager microapplication, where all of the data is stored for administrators to view.

The Feedback Manager was implemented so vendors can get quality feedback and know what necessary adjustments are needed to ensure a great user experience.

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