Microapplication Manager

OpenDash360 Microapplication Manager Screenshot

The Microapp Manager gives an administrator access to the details of every microapplication that has been uploaded to OpenDash360™.

Microapplication Overview

Administrators can view all of the details regarding the functionality of every microapplication in OpenDash360™. Details include: version, upload date, client, client id, custom element tag, bootstrap module, external permissions requested and declared API calls.

In addition, administrators can view every widget tied to a microapplication, the client permissions tied to the microapplication and the role mappings associated to the microapplication.

Finally, administrators can post and read comments regarding every microapplication.

Full Microapplication Control

The Microapp Manager allows an administrator to enable or disable a microapplication with the click of a button. Enabling/disabling a microapplication instantly changes whether or not users can access the microapplication.

An administrator also has the ability to completely delete the microapplication in this section.

Testing Microapplications

In this section, administrators can also test a microapplication using developer tools. With the developer tools, an administrator can build a new instance of the application, to see the applications responses, successes and failures.

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