User Profile

OpenDash360 User Profile Screenshot

OpenDash360™ user profiles are created and controlled using KeyCloak.

A user profile interface has been added to the OpenDash360™ framework so that users have a smoother user experience.

Users access their profile by clicking their name / user icon in the navigation and then choosing “My Account”.

In the User Profile, users can edit basic profile details including:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Password

Additionally, users can view their logged activity that from the OpenDash360™ Session Tracking microapplication.

About KeyCloak

Keycloak is an open source Identity and Access Management solution aimed at modern applications and services. It makes it easy to secure applications and services with little to no code.

Users authenticate with Keycloak rather than individual applications. This means that your applications don't have to deal with login forms, authenticating users, and storing users. Once logged-in to Keycloak, users don't have to login again to access a different application.

Learn more about KeyCloak

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