The Feedback microapplication allows users to submit feedback for any microapplication or widget that they have access to.

The Feedback microapplication for a user is broken into three sections:
  1. Microapplication Feedback
  2. Widget Feedback
  3. Feedback Form

OpenDash360 Feedback Manager Screenshot
Microapplication Feedback

Regardless of the microapplication that they are viewing, users will find a feedback button floating on the right side of every page in OpenDash360™.

Widget Feedback

When viewing a floating widget or a widget on the customizable dashboard, users will see a “Rate this Widget” icon appear when they hover over the widget container.

Feedback Form

The feedback form allows users to rate the microapplication, provide feedback and upload an image.

In this section users can:

  1. Rate the microapplication/widget
  2. Write a comment
  3. Upload a file
  4. Select whether the user wants to remain anonymous
Feedback Form Instructions:
  1. Rate the microapplication
    Users have the ability to select a start rating for the microapplication. The rating system consists of 1 star (lowest) through 5 stars (highest).
  2. Write a comment
    Users are provided a textarea to write anything necessary regarding their feedback.
  3. Upload a file
    Selecting the file upload button allows the user to add an image from their computer. OpenDash360™ suggests that a user take a screenshot of the the area of the page that their feedback is referring to.
  4. Select whether the user wants to remain anonymous
    Selecting the "Anonymous" check box keeps a user's feedback anonymous to other users.

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