A microapplication is a customized application built to let users perform a specific function instantly. Unlike a traditional application, which is packed with multiple options and a maze of functions, a microapplication is small in size and customer oriented, built to provide specific functionality, has a simple user interface, and loads dynamically bypassing app stores.

What is a Microapplication?
OpenDash360 User Manager Screenshot

In other words, a microapplication is the minimalist version of the original full-sized application, which has limited functionality and lets users get in, interact, and get out with maximum efficiency.

Within OpenDash360™ multiple microapplications can run together seamlessly.

Any Microapplication in OpenDash360™ can run exactly how a vendor originally created it. Users are able to enjoy a specific feature without messing up with a pool of other confusing features. Moreover, within Microapplication, everything from images to markup is well-optimized for a better and faster user experience.

OpenDash360 User Manager Screenshot

In the OpenDash360™ framework you can develop your Microapplication using any language or framework, as long as it supports exporting to a custom element. Vanilla Javascript, Angular, and React are all supported.

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