OpenDash360™ allows the creation of widgets to complement the existing functionality of microapplications.

What is a Widget?

Widgets are essentially small, targeted applications that are tied to microapplication.

OpenDash360 Widget Screenshot

Users are able to embed widgets into their dashboards, or float widgets on their screen while navigating any page in OpenDash360™.

While optional, widgets are a great way to add utility for users of your microapplication.

OpenDash360 Widget Slideout Screenshot The widget slideout is activated by clicking the link in the bottom of the navigation. All avvaialbel widgets are listed here and can be launched or added to a dashboard.
OpenDash360 Widget Details Screenshot The widget details displays a description of the selected widget, vendor details, and similar widgets.
OpenDash360 Floating Widget Screenshot Widgets can be floated in any interface in OpenDash360™.
OpenDash360 Widget Tabs Screenshot Widgets can be minimized to save user interface real estate.

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